Prof Thomas Edward (Ted) Sommerville

Prof Thomas Edward (Ted) Sommerville



Prof Thomas Edward (Ted) Sommerville  



031 260 4409


Campus /Hospital

Medical School / King Edward VIII Hospital

Research Interests

Medical education 


Principal Specialist

 Biosketch  MBChB at UCT, with an intercalated BSc(Med), majoring in Physiology. DA and FFA in Durban. MEd and PhD in Higher Education through the Faculty/School of Education UN/UKZN. Left HoD post at R K Khan Hospital in 2003 to take post of Director & HoD, School of Undergraduate Medical Education at University. Continued teaching and examining FCA Primary, as well as lecturing and facilitating undergrad students. Sabbatical in Leicester 1995-6 and a locum in New Zealand in 2002. Currently semi-retired, facilitating research, writing papers, tending bonsai and teaching at the local primary school.
 List of Publications Computers in medicine [Mike Farquarson Memorial essay prize]  T.E.Sommerville iNyanga 41 88-97 1972


Battle casualty statistics  P.Moore, R.Muller, T.Sommerville  1 Field Ambulance Unit, SAMS 1-21 1978

Midazolam, a new intravenous induction agent for anaesthesia  A.Holloway, J.Brock-Utne, T.Pavy, T.Sommerville S.Afr.Med.J. 61274-276 1982

Information yield from routine preoperative chest radiography and electrocardiography  T.E.Sommerville, W.B.Murray S.Afr.Med.J. 81 190-196 1992

Assessment of vocal cord function using tussometry  R.Caranza, N.Nandwani, T.Sommerville Br.J.Anaesth. 76 290P 1996

Curriculum reform at the University of Natal Medical School – purging content and changing paradigm  MEd[HE] dissertation   University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg  2000

“Looking at the glass half full”: exploring collaborative mixed group learning as a transformative force for social inclusion in a south african higher education setting  Veena S Singaram, T Edward Sommerville, Cees P M van der Vleuten, Diana H J M Dolmans  2011  Alternation: International Journal for the Study of Southern African Literature and Languages  18 (2) 96-113

Problem-based learning in South Africa  Ted Sommerville, Veena Singaram  in Handbook of College and University Teaching: Global Perspectives  J Groccia, M Al-Sudairy, W Buskist, eds  SAGE Chapter 29 pp 457-474 2012

People and pedagogy: problem-based learning in the MBChB curriculum at UKZN medical school  T E Sommerville  PhD [HE] thesis (UKZN) 2012

Perceptions of the pedagogy of problem-based medical education in Durban, South Africa  T E Sommerville  in Visions, challenges and strategies: PBL Principles and methodologies in a Danish and global perspective L Krogh, A A Jensen, eds Aalborg University Press pp 243-261 2013

 Race, power, performance and perception: practical and theoretical observations in higher education at the University of KwaZulu-Natal  T E Sommerville 2013 Alternation 20 (1) 74 – 99

Secondary education influences on higher education performance  T E Sommerville  SA Journal of Higher Education 28 (3) 2014 [in press]

The heart as a pump  T E Sommerville  in Conceptual Blending: an analysis of effective pedagogic practices  W Hugo, ed  [in press]

Fairness in using negative marking for assessing true/false questions F Haffejee and TE Sommerville The Independent Journal of Teaching and Learning  2014 [in press]

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