Mahatma Gandhi Hosp

Mahatma Gandhi Hosp

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital (MGMH)

MGMH opened its doors in 1996. It was initially a nurse-run institution with doctors joining in 1997. Today it is a 355 bed district hospital that offers regional services. Its drainage area includes Phoenix, Kwamashu and Inanda and it accepts referrals from the north coast region. The anaesthetic service is medical officer based. There are 7 doctors in the department. The surgical service is largely obstetrics and gynaecology and covers the entire spectrum of elective and emergency work. In 2006 we did an average of 314 cases a month. In addition we offer a rudimentary pain and paediatric anaesthesia service. We also assist with resuscitations, intubations and line insertions within the hospital. The challenges we face include the lack of an ICU facility, the chronic shortage of nursing staff and difficulty in attracting and retaining doctors within the department. We would like to see the commissioning of other surgical services so that we can add variety to our anaesthetic practice.


Dr Devan Rungan was appointed as chief medical officer and head of department of anaesthetics at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital in September 2005. He is a graduate of the University of Kwazulu Natal, and has been associated with its Department of Anaesthetics for over 10 years.

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