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Genre: horror
Director: Mike Flanagan
Stars: Juan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Kylie Curran, Cliff Curtis, Zan McClarnon
Plot: Injured alcoholic Dan Torrens meets Abra, a boy who also has the ability to “shine”. He tries to protect her from a real knot, a cult that aims to nurture people when they remain immortal.
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Years after The Shining (1980), Dan Torrance, who was already an adult, must protect a young woman with similar powers from a cult called “True Knot” that removes children who have the strength to remain immortal.
Mike Flanagan Author:
Mike Flanagan (script), Stephen King (based on the novel) Stars:
Juan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Kylie Curran On their way through America, a tribe of people named True Knot travel to look for food. They look harmless, especially made of polyester, old and in combination with their computer vehicles. But, as Dan Torrance knows, and between Abra Stein’s teachings, the real knots are almost immortal and live off the “steam” that children produce with “lightning” when they are slowly tortured to death. Overwhelmed by the residents of the Overlook Hotel, where he spent a terrible childhood, Dan was fascinated for decades and desperately spent despair, alcoholism and violence on his father’s legacy. Eventually, he settles in a city in New Hampshire, the AA community that supports him, and works in a nursing home, where his “brilliant” residual strength provides crucial ultimate comfort for the dying. Helped by the exact cat, he becomes a “sleeping doctor.” Then Dan meets the inclined Abra Stone, and it is his impressive gift, the brightest splendor he has ever seen, that dominates Dan’s own demons and challenges him to the battle of Abra.