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Free Facebook program for any Windows PC Facebook Facebook for Windows is a social networking program that allows you to use the original PC program instead of logging in via a browser. You will also receive desktop notifications for events, even when they are minimized. Share ideas, set up news feeds, edit privacy, and manage groups. Desktop Facebook is more convenient than ever for anyone who likes to be active in this regard. By downloading the Facebook app to your computer, keeping up with the ever-growing online community has never been easier. Stay in touch or connect with friends and family at any time (function () {(‘review-page-page-desktop’);}); This application will use the location of your computer, webcam, microphone, images and video connection. After installing Facebook, the software will work by accessing the Internet and generating dynamic code. Installing Facebook on your Windows device is a quick process, and the file size is approximately 164 MB. Once you receive the program on your computer, you will enjoy the ease of use. Easy to move and stay current The current interface is familiar and easy to move, and the design is smooth and clean. While it doesn’t have many new features, the software offers seamless navigation and trouble-free use. There is no significant learning curve even for a beginner. As soon as you enter your Facebook login information, you’ll see a tabbed tab on the left side of the screen that includes items like news, groups, and friends. Every time someone notifies you, invites you to an event, likes or comments on your posts, you will receive a notification on your desktop. Spread the word Let your network participate in your daily thoughts or reflections on the world by changing the status of Facebook. The window will ask, “What do you mean?” Maybe it’s not what you want to see your active grandmother. Post every thing! Choose who can see your update by clicking the friends drop-down menu and specifying your audience. One of the most useful features of Facebook is the group features. Whether you are planning a party or a protest, this is the platform for it. Use the desktop application to see the groups you participate in or are an administrator with. Groups are a great way to interact with those who have similar interests. Organize channels You can customize the way news feeds are displayed by opening your news feed settings. Change these settings depending on the friends you want to see at the top of the timeline when the images appear, then click on the profiles you want to hear more about. The app will recommend videos and news clips just for you. You can communicate by adding comments or replying to messages and media, liking, loving, laughing, crying, or expressing anger with the emoji button. Share your favorite moments One of the best benefits of FB is that it allows users to add photos and videos in an instant. Don’t miss the opportunity to share the most special moments. You can also share pictures on platforms from popular social networks, such as Instagram. The software supports various video files such as .avi, .MP4 and .mov. Sorry, you can’t upload videos directly through Facebook for Windows. Privacy Control If you are concerned about privacy, you can change the default settings via Facebook. If you want to set your own “shortcutsprivacy “, the software will redirect you to the browser’s website. FB contains a number of tools to prevent third parties from deleting your data. In the” Who can see my stuff “section, change the audience for your future posts and hide what you share with certain people. You can also change your email, address and phone number settings so that no one can find your account by searching.Also, don’t forget to limit the visibility of your profile.There are no games in the PC program.Although the PC version of Facebook has a lot to offer, you can’t play fun and entertaining games.You will see that there is an option in the menu but the app will redirect you to the FB page in your internet browser.After that you will have full access to your favorites.They often redirect to the browser The main problem with this program is that it redirects you too often You cannot manage chats or make voice or video calls, and you will need to download Face book Messenger or use another application like WhatsApp. If you forget your password, you will be redirected to a two-step verification site where you can reset your information. You still do advertising. On all platforms, the FB information board is full of ads that interfere with the posts of close and old friends. Unfortunately, downloading software to a PC does not exclude paid offers. Ads based on a sufficient number of new Facebook features will continue to show to you. Facebook for Windows can do most of what it can on mobile or web counterparts, although you will often be redirected to a browser. The original software does not include anything new, but the interface is perfect and it is convenient to have access to this powerful social network on all your devices. Recent updates have seen an increase in speed and bug fixes for the “send more comments” option. The app works great on any desktop, and we look forward to the next version which we hope will include exciting new features like Dark Mode.