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Football returns to virtual reality, published by Electronic Arts, FIFA 20 is a video game with imitation of football and the 26th game in the famous FIFA series. This time, FIFA is returning its sport to a smaller outdoor football environment, and additional game settings and improved player settings make this contribution necessary for any FIFA fan. Click on the download to get a game demo game!

The new “Sweet Street Kicks” feature, called VOLTA Football, is the highlight of FIFA 20. Literally translated into Portuguese, VOLTA Football means FIFA streets in the old days. FIFA 20 is designed to make you feel more personal and down to earth, while keeping calm with other new opportunities. Using VOLTA, you can play 3v3 Rush matches (without a goalkeeper), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and Professional Futsal in indoor and outdoor matches at individual stadiums around the world. Whether you’re on the subway in Amsterdam, at a dock in London or on the roof of Tokyo, you’ll experience new street football with VOLTA. This is a big change from the traditional 11v11 match. With the new settings, things get cooler to customize your avatar in the game with a sweet transition. It doesn’t matter if your game has a boyfriend or a girlfriend’s avatar, the game has a huge selection of costumes, hairstyles, tattoos and holiday emotions. You can look great by watching different VOLTA football options, such as VOLTA Story Mode, VOLTA League online matches, creating your own team in the VOLTA world and watching your favorite team play on the streets on VOLTA Kick-Off. The speed of FIFA in the 20s depends on you (function () {(‘overview-page-page-desktop’);}); BetterSince FIFA 20 is now focused on more intimate games with an emphasis on skill and free games, rather than tactical and team games. This new trick is related to the recent change in football mechanics. Now the game has football intelligence, in which the ball is given the best function: the ball has more time and space, it adapts to the physical and more opportunities for whom it is. Now the playersmust manually control the goalkeeper for better defense. Players who do not have the ball will also be scattered on the field more authentically. The mechanics of shooting, dribbling and transmission have been improved to be more realistic. A free kick and a free kick appear. Even the “Temporary Processing” feature in FIFA 19 has been updated, and the ability to quickly avoid the abuse of high-risk rewards. Overall, these enhancements bring a better experience when playing the new FIFA Football VOLTA Football feature. Passing the ball now to FIFA in the 20s in a smaller setting and focusing on more realistic dynamic physics conversations leads to a fuller football match that you can play with anyone around the world. Improvements are small, but very important in the game. FIFA 20 will attract football fans who from time to time want to stay away from the big leagues.