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The free and universal Hangouts Messaging app is Google’s chat app that you can use on multiple devices to stay in touch with friends and family. It works as an extension for most browsers, an application for iOS and Android as well as a complete program for Windows. You can host free video calls with up to ten contacts, join chat groups, and send messages to people, even if they are your contacts in one (function {(‘show-application-side-desktop’);}); Google Hangouts is an easy way to keep up with people who are syncing with your account. When you open a new message, a list of all available for instant chat is displayed. If you find some free time, there is an icon that you can tap to switch to a free call on Google. This uses your camera to share live streams of up to ten people at a time. Chat is simple and easy to use. They are a basic installation and follow the average design of most messaging apps, such as Zoom. You can use emojis, update status messages, and send videos and photos. It is universal, yet simple for most people. This application also synchronizes all your chats. Switching from your computer to your Android device will keep all messages up to date. This still applies to contacts. It is convenient as it updates with a few seconds in the background and uses few resources in the process. Easy to install This application is available in many formats. Available on several devices, so the installation process varies. You can download and install the Google Hangouts Android app through third-party websites. You can use the Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, or App Store for any mobile device. Once installed, you’ll need to sign in to your Google Account. It sends a text message or initiates a phone call to provide a unique code. Once you have set this, the pairing process will begin and then you are ready to start chatting. Discreet interface The Hangout application is one of the simplest. You can have fun with different viewing options. Some may prefer messenger mode, where the program sits on either side of the screen in a small rectangular box. This gives room to work with other projects and keep parts of your chats in the process. There is also a full screen and window position. Both provide more detailed information about each conversation you have, but take up more space. This is probably the best way to use the Google Hangouts desktop app. It prevents the ability to multitask, but is more convenient to use. Fun Chat Features While this program lacks clocks, like apps like WhatsApp, it still has several ways to make chat fun. You can enjoy crazy chat with up to 149 people in group chats. GIFs and stickers are easy to access and send. You can also share photos and videos. However, like most applications, the Hangout program reduces image quality to reduce data usage. Useful extras You can link your Google Voice account for phone calls, text messages and voicemail integration. While contacts using Hangouts can communicate with each other for free, you vote for calls to landline and mobile numbers. Another useful feature includes maps. You can shareyour place with others through chat. It’s easy to send a specific destination to friends if you’re planning a trip. This feature also provides details and links for more information beyond the essentials. Google Hangouts is convenient, easy to use and understand and has all the necessary contact with friends and family. It lacks the complexity that other programs have. However, this is enough to make it a first-class communication option. The latest update added a lock feature. You can now convert text directly to Google emojis with an option that you can enable or disable. There is an audio feature for specific contacts, which is applied to instant messages and voice calls. You can also hide and pin all on your list.