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The classic shooter StealthIGI 2: Covert Strike is the first game to capture people developed by Innerloop Studios and published by Codemasters. In the film IGI 2: Covert Strike, he acts as an elite agent, David Jones, who works at the Geoactics Research Institute of Intelligence to prevent the arrival of World War III. There are a total of 19 missions in the game and a player can go through several tracks to complete them. IGI 2: The cover strike can be played covertly or by hitting a weapon. The game supports both single and multiplayer campaigns, so whether you want to enjoy the story or challenge your friends, IGI 2: Covert Strike has everything you need.

Hard game play When you start the game, you will notice that something is missing: how to practice. Your game is difficult. All you have to do is restart the game until you hang it. (Function () {(‘application-page-view-desktop’);}); The fight is tough because your enemies are accurate archers. You can even crawl off the battlefield and still be able to shoot. That’s why the attack is even more important; Use weapons and camouflage to beat your FPS opponent. An offensive strategy can take time; take advantage of theft by fulfilling mission objectives or at least maintaining a healthy level of health. IGI 2 artificial intelligence is decent. For example, divide the enemy camp into groups. One guides the edges to guide you, while the other finds a place from the bird’s eye view. Regardless of their position, they become hypersensitive during filming. You can fire a rifle or continue with the M16A2 and find a way to block the bullet. Those who respond at the end find it fragile and fast. The drivers available for theIGI 2 are unrealistic. Instead, the drop drop falls. The controls leave a lot to the imagination. For example, the transition from position to landing lasts a second, but there is no fluid movement. The camera is moving to the bottom. Developers seem to forget another key move: crawling. FPS games can’t be caught without listening by tracking a feasible strategy. It’s also a transfer that comes from real-life veterans. So it hits you in the head and you just have to think about why it’s missing. However, the controls are easy to monitor and respond to. The twins are useful and effective. In fact, binoculars not only provide a broader view of things, but also offer a thermal display. This is useful when looking for enemies that go into the shadows.

Critical Achievements and MissIGI 2: The covert strike found an extraordinary sequel. The winnings are bitter because you spent most of your time winning questions and mistakes in the games. Overall, the game is clearly behind more innovative and diligent competitors like Splinter Cell. Still, it replaces him in a fighting game.