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Redefining the keyboard input signal for FreeThe Keytweak allows you to redesign the keyboard keys: you can reset all mapping with just one click. You can turn off the key to allow others and save the new definition with just a few clicks.

Changing the way your keyboard works when you press the button When you open the Keytweak UI, you will see a keyboard with a network of commands and buttons. Specify each key to your liking and set it aside or empty to turn it off. After mapping the key, save your work and activate the Keytweak program. From then on, your keyboard is mapped as you set it when using the application GUI.

(function () {(‘desktop-application-page-overview’);}); Conclusion – a very effective program for mapping keys. There are many reasons to redefine the keyboard. This may be a security measure or you may need to redefine it to use your program or play a game. The keytweak system helps even if the keyboard is broken and some keys no longer work. This is a free program that works well, so if you need to redesign your keyboard, you do not need to look any further than this program.