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Mozilla Firefox is a classic free web browser that has been around since 2004. In recent years it has fallen out of favor, it has been overtaken by Chrome, newcomers to the browser scene and even a new improved version of Internet Explorer, which despite the fears has actually made a very good impression. Firefox recovery took a little longer. He’s here now, but has he done enough?

Mozilla Firefox is a browser where privacy is a priority and not a newcomer to the browser scene. It was many years ago and was once just as popular – if not more – with Google Chrome. However, when Chrome flourished, it seemed to lose its shine, and after 2013 it seemed to slide ever lower in notes. Well, Firefox is back with a brand new browser that really focuses on privacy. Will it be enough to save the experienced navigator or is it too small, too late? (Function () {(‘Overview Application Page Desktop’);}); Downloading and installing Firefox Downloading Firefox is as quick and easy as you expected. Very few steps are required. Instead of providing configuration and synchronization options during the installation process, only the browser is installed and a fine synchronization is offered after completion. The downside, of course, is that if you want precise control over your Firefox configuration, you’ll have to deal with the options yourself. We definitely recommend it because Firefox offers a lot of control over various options, especially privacy. Since this is probably one of the main reasons why you downloaded it, it’s worth the time. Get to know your options by clicking the three horizontal bars at the top left of the window> Privacy Mozilla Firefox Offers Users The first thing you notice when you open Firefox is how fast and attractive it is. The purple-orange color scheme was really wrong and all menus and options look clean and minimalist and easy to navigate. The speed of Firefox, one of the main selling points, is also encouraging. Firefox and testers can tell us how fast it happens (and they do), but it looks and feels fast when you use it, which is probably the most important thing in this regard. Firefox also uses less memory and together they have an impressive impact on time-consuming tasks such as playing games or running other programs on your computer. Firefox also explicitly mentions tabs, stating that they have changed the way the browser treats tabs to ungroup them, making them faster, smarter, and less likely to crash. In addition, the browser continues to support a large library of add-ons, which can be used to expand the browser functionality. There are also many topics. Even if you’re not a fan of purple and orange, there are other options for Quantum, Nightly, and more. Workaround – If you search for Firefox, you can see other versions to win. and ask me which one you choose. The following is offered: Firefox: The standard version you are likely to download. Firefox Quantum: the cool oneName draws people to Firefox Quantum, but unfortunately it’s just the name of the stable version of Firefox that was released in 2017. Not all versions are given names, but these remained in Nightly Folks: the absolutely latest collection. Probably good opportunities, but mistakes again. Firefox Beta: latest version tested. A good balance between the cool version and the developer version: As far as the can is concerned, the version for Firefox developers offers extended release support: This version was developed for users who manage large Firefox deployments as in a large company. It is stable, but does not have the latest version of Lockwise, the password manager. One thing that was important to us was that if you browse the Firefox features either on the Mozilla website or on the page, after installing the browser you will see some interesting features like clockwise monitoring and sending. They are integrated in the browser – Lockwise – is a password manager. However, in order to be able to use all functions, you must synchronize your browser. The monitor is not part of the browser, but it is a service that requires a Firefox account to access. After all, sending is a completely separate website. All of this is not clear on the homepage and may resemble all of Firefox’s standard features, which is not exactly your privacy. For most Firefox users, the privacy benefit is an important event, especially if you want to change Chrome. Firefox has a heavy weapon under its hood when it comes to ad blockers. You choose the level of security you need in your browser by choosing a mode that is easily customizable. Standard, strict and special. There are a number of Firefox approved extensions to block ads that you can add to increase your level. the possibility to control the privacy of Firefox by diving into the settings – in the menu privacy and settings. As already mentioned, here you can change advertising blockers, change the permissions for things like the camera, allow or disable Firefox to collect data and decide when and how to deal with unsafe downloads and security certificates. There’s also a private mode that blocks tracking, and a standard password manager (though you can get more complex password managers than individual downloads or add-ons). is not a function, Firefox has a specific, detailed function and an apparently transparent official approach to data protection that shows what data they are tracking, who they are shared with and why they are doing so. It’s nice to see that this simple program works like a great browser again. We were impressed with Firefox and again consider it a top-level browser. It looks good, moves fast and has all the functions you could want from a browser. The applications and Firefox for Android are very effective from the point of view of transparency and work hard to further update the functions it offers to users. Of course privacy is a key element of Firefox’s charm,but this aspect confuses us a little. If you are not interested in data protection at all, Firefox is unlikely to offer you enough to seduce you with the existing data protection, which is important to you. You might choose something heavier than Firefox like Firefox Focus or one of the brand new browsers. designed for privacy like Tor. For everyone, Firefox is probably a good choice, but only if you leave your old browser – without encouragement, there simply aren’t enough differences to make us jump. UC Browser, Brave or Opera – Other Important Alternatives Recent Changes Several security patches have been added and notifications have been added in recent versions of Firefox when Firefox blocks cryptocurrencies. The number of trackers currently blocked, built-in notifications of FirefoxMonitor violations are now available for screen readers, and Firefox now offers saved offers to connect to other subdomains on the site. Finally, Firefox is now shipping with new languages ​​like Tagalog (tl) and Triqui (trs).