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Easy photo editing for PCs on computers Image editor edits your photos and lets you create slideshows, gifs, etc. This free software is very simple and easy to use for those new to image editing. It only has a few features common to the free version of the program, but it includes everything you need to make basic, simple, and ((function {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}) ; At first glance, it looks a bit old, and it is. Developed by Program4Pc, this software has stood the test of time in 2012. Although it never gained much popularity, it stays on the ground with regular updates. You might be wondering how this application differs from all other image editing software in the world. This is mainly due to its simplicity. The lens has It has always been to be very nice to beginners. Experienced photographers may want to skip the Image Editor on a PC, but anyone new to the game should consider this program. Although it is not very famous, it contains hidden gems. How do I use an image editor on a PC? Download it Installing an image editor on a PC is fairly straightforward and the installation process follows the same tactics. There is nothing hidden in the process, which is quite nice. Once you open it, you will be greeted with a simple interface. There are six basic functions: photo editing, GIF making, image conversion, screenshot, slideshow creation, video to image. Honestly, the design is quite old and unappealing, but it doesn’t have to be special because you know everything you need to know about what to do. The most important tool – photo editing – is quite easy to use. At the bottom of the screen are all the settings, such as brightness and crop. While it doesn’t have many advanced tools that come with other freeware like Gimp, it does have enough to do basic editing, not to mention the other features it comes with. The main problem with how the interface works is that you have to go to completely different sections of the program to use any other tool. It is inconvenient and the download time to switch between tabs is quite long. With this program, you can save in various file formats. It has all the basic settings like JPG, PNG, BMP and more. What are the limitations and mistakes? The main problem with the image editor on a PC is the slow download. It will take ten seconds to do something. Opening a new image or saving an edited image couldn’t be slower. If you are in a critical moment, this software will disturb you. There are no other big mistakes except accidental accidents. It works on all versions of Windows, even older versions such as XP and Vista. Windows 10 can also handle this perfectly. There are no good advanced editing options, such as editing filters or saving filters, which you can find in Photoscape. Finally, the paid version of the program is very unattractive asthat update with many better options, such as Photoshop. What is the best free image editing software for PC? Gimp is the best image editor. It is crowdsourced which means that users are constantly updating it. However, this is difficult to use and requires a steep learning curve. If you are looking for a simple editing, an image editor would be preferable, but for something outside of that Gimp would be a good option. Another option can be Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019. It offers quick and easy optimization for free. Its interface is much more modern and easy to use. In addition, the tools it provides are much more sophisticated. In general, this is the best version of PC image editor. If you want to work in your browser, Canva is a good option. Not only can it do its job in the browser, but it’s pretty straightforward. It has more tools than a PC, but it is more limited than Ashampoo. Cloud storage is useful because you can also work on your phone too easily. Compared to other easy editing programs or paid programs, the image editor on PC is unfortunately not enough. It is not very useful to follow the professional programs. While this can be useful as a data entry app for editing photos, it may be wiser to start with a more modern program that will continue to improve.