Scrivener 1.8 64bit update download torrent

Scrivener 1.8 Trusted uploader

Year / date of publication: 2015


Developer: Literatura Latte

Developer website:

Flow rate: 32 bits

Interactive language: multiple languages

Tablet: now

System requirements: Windows XP or later

At least 1024 MB of RAM

100 MB of hard disk space

Screen resolution of at least 1024×768 pixels

Explanation: Scrivener is a system that allows the author (above all), the author, the researcher, the teacher to organize the information system, set goals and responsibilities, and clearly show the relationship and structure of their work.

Scrivenr can be used not only for writing all kinds of books, but also for writing text, transcripts, blogs, text and temporary papers, diplomas, etc. For example, you can report or coordinate your video collection. scientific, scientific, photographic, sound or other equipment