Dr P Dean Gopalan


Dr P Gopalan

Head of Discipline & Chief Specialist
Tel: +27 (0)31 260 4615
E-mail: Gopalan@ukzn.ac.za

Campus /HospitalNelson R Mandela School of Medicine
Research InterestsCritical Care, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Medical Education
Campus /HospitalHead of Discipline & Chief Specialist
DesignationHead of Discipline & Chief Specialist
BiosketchCurrent additional roles:
  • Intensivist, Surgical ICU, King Edward VIII  and Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospitals, Durban
  • Consultant Anaesthesiologist, Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital, Durban
  • Member of National Council of CCSSA
  • Councillor of College of Anaesthetists of CMSA
  • Portfolio Manager FCA II Examinations having acted as examiner, convenor and moderator
  • Chairperson: Intercollegiate Committee of Critical Care of CMSA
  • Executive Committee Member South African Society of Anaesthesiologists – Natal Coastal Branch – 2001-date
  • Associate Editor: South African Journal of Critical Care
ResearchGate Prifile

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