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Zentimo kStorage Manager – is a USB device manager that saves time and improves the user experience when working with flash drives, removable slides, card readers and other gadgets. The program allows easy safe removal, without errors built into Windows, shows which programs are interrupted, removes the device, removes the disk blank slot card reader can be disabled and the device contains many other functions pleasant and pleasant to work with hot plugs (USB, SATA, FireVire). Features:

– It can be safely removed with one click.

– Rename the device.

– Change the device image.

– Hide an unnecessary device in the menu.

– Look for hardware changes.

– Stop all devices at once.

– Devices to stop devices or menus.

– Ability to remove unnecessary devices from the stop menu.

– Device names + rename.

– Possibility to stop driving SATA.

– Allows you to reset the device.

– Just a small menu to which you can add program files from your portable device for quick launch.

– The program has the ability to test your portable devices at read / write speed

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Here is another program that gives you complete control over SATA and USB media, especially for active users of external devices. With development, you can save a lot of time while working with devices and get more extensive functions. If you are interested, I recommend that you download Zentimo kStorage Manager from our site, because the most interesting is always waiting for you in full. News.

In general, such a program is here for you, I think it will be useful to many, so don’t forget to comment and share your opinion. It is especially interesting what you think about USB Safeli Remove, because as much as it became clear, the developers are the same, and the functionality is mostly the same, mostly for everyone, as always, don’t forget about our project. !!

Developer: Cristal Rich Ltd.

License: ShareVare

Language: Multi

Size:5 MB

OS: Windows

How to install:

1). Instructions are included as needed.

2). That’s it, he did