Other courses

In addition to the formal courses listed above, various other courses are run

1. Friday Morning Seminars and Combined Academic Meetings (Friday, 07h15)

These meetings are held every Friday at 07h15 – 08h15 in L5 Lecture Theatre, Medical School. 

A registrar is allocated for an academic presentation on a topic of their own choice with a consultant allocated to act as moderator for the presentation. The presenter, guided by the moderator prepares a booklet of their presentation which is available in hardcopy at the meeting and is placed on the Departmental website.  Once a month, the seminar is replaced by a combined academic meeting.  This meeting incorporates a Clinical Forum and a Research meeting.  For the Clinical Forum, units are allocated to make case presentations and facilitate a discussion around the subject. The cases are presented by junior staff and moderated by a consultant.

The purpose of the Research meeting is to teach the practical aspects of trial design and analysis and to help researchers with critical analysis of their own protocols. All departmental research studies are required to be presented at this meeting prior to submission to the Ethics and Research Committees of the Medical School.

2. Morbidity & Mortality Meetings

Each of the hospitals holds a weekly M&M meeting at the respective hospital. These meetings are chaired by consultant staff at the hospital. This is now a DOH requirement.

3. ICU Academic Meeting

A weekly academic meeting is held in combination between the ICU’s at KEH and IALCH. These meetings, held on a Thursday morning, include an M&M component as well as a registrar presentation on an academic topic.

4. Workshops

a)     Airway Workshops

The department runs at least 2 of these workshops annually at IALCH. It highlights the skills necessary for fibre-optic airway management and other airway skills. The workshop is open to all staff, with all registrars needing to attend at least once in their training.

b)    Ultrasound/Echo Workshops

These are run for all levels of staff, including registrars, periodically in the department. In November 2018, workshops were run in PMB, Newcastle and Durban.

c)     MEPA Workshops

MEPA (‘Managing Emergencies in Paediatric Anaesthesia’) workshops have been made an essential component for registrars to complete as part of their paediatric anaesthesia rotation. These are run as part of our SMART (simulation) centre.

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