Research in the discipline has grown remarkably over the last few years. The requirement for registrars to complete projects as part of the MMed has assisted greatly by getting junior staff interested in research.

A Perioperative Research Group was set up in the department based at IALCH and has been instrumental in driving local, national and international research. Two additional research offices have been opened in PMB and KEH VIII Hospital. Each of these offices employs research assistants funded by our department.

1. MMed Research Project

All registrars need to complete the methodology course within the first 2 semesters. They thus need to have a project identified with a protocol done by the end of their second semester. Registrars are offered research leave. In addition, where funding is needed, the department directly assists or assists in applications to organisations such as SASA. Research meetings are held in the department where registrars present their research ideas and can develop further with comments from departmental members. Our research offices at IALCH, PMB and KEH offer additional support in the form of research assistants, protocol development and basic statistical assistance. The department provides financial support for any registrar wishing to present their research at our conference.