FMM Programme and Booklets


Friday Morning Meeting Programme 2015


Friday Morning Meeting Roster 2015

FMM No 1 17-1-15 ECG Made Easier Jones G

FMM 2 30-1-2015 NSAIDS in Children vd Bosch C (1)

FMM No 3 6-2-15 IA Analgesia Gordon KG

FMM No 4 13-2-15 #FOAMed Solomon L

FMM No5 27-2-15 Mediastinal Mass Syndrome R Randolph

FMM No6 6-3-15 Local Anaesthetics Wound Ifection Catheters V Govender

FMM No.7 13-3-15 MMED R Govender

FMM No 8 27-3-15 Diastolic Dysfunction J Invernizzi

FMM No 9 10-4-15 An Approach to a Paediatric Murmur Naicker L

FMM No10 8-5-1015 Delayed Sequence Intubation D Pillay

FMM No11 22-5-15 Neuraxial Opioids N Padayachee

FMM No 12 29-5-15 GA vs Neuraxial Anaesthesia in Vascular Surgery Ramkisson A

FMM No 13 6-5-15 TB and the Anaesthetist Pillay T

FMM No14 12–6-15 Malaria Potgieter D (2)

FMM No16 10-7-2015 Spinal Anaesthesia for Caesarean Section Horsten G

FMM No 17 24-7-2015 Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems Reddy P


FMM No19 14-8-15 To bridge or not to bridge Verwey S

FMM No20 04-09-15 Awake craniotomy formatted Nel M

FMM No21 11-9-15 OPCAB Secrets of The Beating Heart S Moodley

FMM No30 02-10-2015 Pheochromocytoma A Atrash

FMM No31 09-10-2015 Porphyria L Pillay

FMM No. 32 23 10 2015 Quality of recovery and measuring scales S Sikhakhane

FMM No 33 30-10-15 Bone Cement Implantation Syndrome D Munnik

FMM No34 06-11-15 Anaesthesia for EXIT procedure-1 L Gqiba

FMM No35 13-11-2015 Excellence in Anaesthesia M Raiman

FMM No 3 6-2-15 IA Analgesia Gordon KG (1)






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