Registrar Evaluations

2023 June – NEW Pink and Green GOOGLE Forms

Please note that the GOOGLE FORM must be sent as an email and NOT as an attachment.

Registrar feedback (Pink) form: the Registrar completes this after each rotation to give feedback to the Department about the quality of the rotation as a learning experience; Note this is confidential and is emailed to the HOD who will then discuss with respective units.

Registrar Assessment (Green) form: this form has to be completed by the registrar for each roster period together with the Clinical Supervisor, who completes his/her portion of the form. This is then emailed to the HOD and thereafter captured within the portfolio.

Pink Form 2023         complete and send as a GOOGLE form

Green Form 2023       complete together with assessor/supervisor/consultant and email

Note that the information on this form is treated as CONFIDENTIAL. Please complete ALL sections of the form. 

Kindly fill form within TWO WEEKS of completion of the rotation/block/module and click on send – it will be emailed to the HOD. All queries to Ms Hannah Freddy at IALCH, contact details or (031)240 1804.


OLD GREEN FORM     discontinued as at June 2023

OLD PINK form   discontinued as at June 2023

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