Leave Applications


Z1(a)_Request_for_leave_of_absence New form

Registrar Leave Applications and Allocations info (updated 25 Feb 2014)

Two Week Research Block Leave Application ver2  as at 2013 – Word

Three Week Research Block Leave Application ver1  as at 2013 – Word

Booking of leave for registrars only

Copy of Leave slots 1st half 2019 (2) (4)
Review Anaesthetic Department website for available leave slot.
Contact Mrs Hannah Freddy on (031) 240 1762 to book leave.
Immediately thereafter complete a leave form and request that the Head of Anaesthesia of the hospital where you are currently stationed signs the form and faxes it to 086 521 5259. If your leave form is not received within 10 days, your name will be REMOVED from the website.

N.B. Do not confirm any travel arrangements or bookings for holiday accommodation until your name officially appears in the relevant leave slot/s on the website AND your form has been signed and submitted to the Department. 

Enquiries: Dr A Torborg

 031-2401769 or 031-2401762/2450